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Watchu you gunna do
when the last show is over
Watchu you gunna do
When you can't touch base
Watchu you gunna do
When the applause is all over
And you can't turn your back
on what you face

Who you gunna be
When the lights are all fading
And who you gunna be
when the band comes off
Who you gunna be 
when your heart is still aching
and you can't shrug it off
with just a laugh

encore encore 
the last song is over
the crowd's on its feet
sure sure
adulation is so pleasing
encore encore 

Watchu you gunna say
to the last person leaving
Watchu you gunna say
When that light is turned off
Watchu you gunna do
if you stop believing
that you can't stop seem to find
what might been lost

And how you gunna feel
If friends follow fortune
How you gunna feel
if the music dies
How you gunna live
with the soul sadly sighing
into the wind 
that is our life

Encore encore
the last song is over
The crowd's on its feet
Sure sure
That adulation is so pleasing
encore encore

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Encore - [+] Graham Nash Lyrics

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