Idiot Boyfriend lyrics by Jimmy Fallon

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I know what you want 
I know what you need 
But, I'm gonna screw it up 
'Cause I'm an idiot 
And I'm your boyfriend 
Yes I am 

I'm gonna take you out 
Leave my wallet home 
Then I'll use your cell phone 
Long distance 
And I'm your boyfriend 
Baby, I know I'm a man 
who's made mistakes 
I still got some learning to do 
I made out with your best friend the other day 
And now we're best friends too...yeah! 


And I'm gonna get you a gift 
But it's something I like too 
Hope you like this Norelco Beard Trimmer with my name on it 
And I'm your boyfriend 

I'm goona get real drunk 
And call my baby up at four o'clock in the morning 
Wake you up 
I'm an idiot 
Pick up the phone 

Now, look, let's get in my dad's SUV 
And we'll go over to my house, my crib, my pad 
I'll tell my mom to go to sleep 
Then we'll have the living room all to ourselves, you see 
We'll put on some great DVDs I picked up 
How about something like 'The Matrix'? 

I can turn that boom box up 
And make the bass 
Smack the side of my mom's couch 

Hey baby, do you like fine cooking? 
'Cause I got a Swanson's dinner in the freezer with your name on it 

Check it out 
I got a permenant wave 
I got a Ogilvie home perm, baby 

I honk the horn 
Can you honk the horn? 
Can you honk the horn? 
Let me hear you honk it! 

Let me hear you say, "uhh, uhh!"(repeat) 
Let me hear you say, "(insane heavy breathing) 
oh, oh, yeah!"(repeat)

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